Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mythos on Vine

410 Vine St.

I will readily admit to feeling as though I had lost a friend when I learned that Mythos at the Levee had closed. It was an unpretentious little place that served up excellent Greek food at reasonable prices, and prior to Reds games it was one of our regular haunts. Their speedy service guaranteed that we’d be able to get in and out quickly with plenty of time to walk across the Taylor Southgate Bridge, or catch the shuttle across the street if we were running late, and we knew we could eat well without breaking the bank.

Although their closing came as a blow, it wasn’t really a surprise and honestly I do not blame them for shuttering the Newport location. Their prime location - across the street from the Levee complex - meant that they were constantly battling with drivers too stupid to understand the signage “Customer Parking Only – Towing Enforced.” My husband and I saw countless vehicles towed away from the lot, and witnessed the Mythos staff going outside on numerous occasions to inform Levee patrons that they needed to park elsewhere. I can only imagine how tiresome that got to be.

With the closing of the Levee restaurant, Mythos opened a new location in downtown (they also have a presence on 7th St. between Walnut and Main), and there are plans in the works for a large sit-down restaurant in the old Atlanta Bread Company space on Fourth Street, opening before the end of the year.

An eat-in restaurant will be nice, because the Mythos on Vine sports only a couple of tiny tables, so basically is a carry-out location like their 7th St. location.

The restaurant boasts seven vegetarian appetizers, two vegetarian Greek salads and two vegetarian pita sandwiches, which is more than enough to keep us happy. On their appetizer menu, there is Tiropita (cheese pie), Spanakopita (spinach & cheese pie), Hummus platter, Zesty Feta, Feta & Olive Plate, Tzatziki Special (a delicious cucumber garlic yogurt dip served with grilled pita bread), and the Vegetarian Combo, which encapsulates all of the veggie appetizers onto one large platter. I cannot fault a single appetizer, and believe me when I say I have tried them all. Numerous times. Likewise the salads. I’m a huge fan of Greek salad anyway, and theirs really rock. Word of warning: the Horiatiki (Village Salad) is huge.

They get good marks for their sandwiches too. Their Hummus sandwich is tasty and can be made vegan with the omission of the hard-boiled egg. At the Levee location I usually ordered the Veggie Gyro, which consists of a pita topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, lettuce, onion, feta, Tzatziki sauce and Greek dressing. Today was no exception, and the sandwich was so fresh and full of flavor! It didn’t disappoint.

What did disappoint is their foil wrap, and that’s really splitting hairs. I am one of those people who like to eat everything with a knife and fork – and yes, that includes pizza and sandwiches. If I could eat popcorn with a knife and fork I would. I just don’t like eating with my hands and fingers. Call me prissy, but it just seems a tad uncivilized. And so that is my quibble with Mythos. To their credit, the plastic cutlery they serve is heavy duty and holds up commendably, but the foil wrapping? Not so much. One slice and I was already clean through the wrapper, with Greek dressing seeping out onto the table in an oozing puddle. It’s a little better when you order the platter (rice, fries or a Greek salad) with your sandwich because you get a sturdy container, but it’s Styrofoam, which isn’t environmentally friendly. Plus Styrofoam squeaks, and the noise it makes when combined with a knife and fork is enough to put me off of my lunch.

Perhaps bitching about their wrappers and containers is being persnickety on otherwise awesome food, but it is something that really ought to be addressed. Surely I am not the only one who has encountered this problem?
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