Monday, November 19, 2007

BD's Mongolian Grill

BD’s Mongolian Grill
4488 Glengarry Drive
Beavercreek, Ohio

We were introduced to BD’s several years ago in Denver. Since then we have visited locations in Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor and Dayton/Beavercreek, and each visit reaffirms our love affair with the small, innovative restaurant chain.

BDs on The Greene

At BD’s, it’s all about choice. Their create-your-own-stir-fry concept is brilliantly simple. Just grab a bowl and fill it with whatever strikes your fancy among the four stations. There’s meat, seafood and pasta; a well stocked vegetable station (which includes cubed tofu); a sauce/oil station and a spice counter, each with a great variety to choose from. For the uninitiated there are helpful recipe cards on hand to aid the selection process, which may be daunting for those not familiar with some of the more exotic offerings. There are tiny plastic spoons available for taste tests before adding an item you aren’t sure about to your bowl.

Creation stations

Choices on the Vegetable Station

Once you’ve made your selections a grill master throws your concoction onto a giant, 600-degree Fahrenheit circular grill, gives it a couple of quick stirs with a pair of massive tongs the size of samurai swords, then slides it off the grill into a fresh bowl and hands it back to you, smoking hot.

The grilling area

In the time it has taken you to make your selections and get your dish cooked, the wait staff will have dropped off bowls of brown and white rice to your table, along with soft, warm tortillas for building wraps. It’s so easy and so delicious, which is what makes BD’s so popular. Whereas most restaurants have recipes they adhere to, and a request for “no mushrooms” or “no onions” may or may not be heeded, at BD’s diners don’t have to worry about that because you choose what goes into your meal. You can add as much or as little of items as you wish, and it’s all one price. A single trip runs $6.99, or unlimited trips run $11.99 for lunch and $14.99 for dinner.

Grillerz in action

Because everything is cooked together on the massive Mongolian grill, vegetarians will need to inform the grilling squad of their dietary restrictions prior to their bowl getting bunged onto the grill so that a section can be cleaned and cordoned off with stainless steel railings. This indicates to the team that the dish is vegetarian, and they will use a fresh set of tongs to stir-fry your dish instead of using the same ones they use for meat-based dishes. It’s well thought out and greatly appreciated. BD’s also runs specials on draught beer from their full-service bar, offers a soup and salad bar for the less adventurous, and has a nice assortment of dessert items if you can find room after filling up on stir-fry.

Rails keep vegetarian meals from mingling with non-veg

Steaming stir-fry hot off the grill

Although BD’s doesn’t yet have a presence in the Cincinnati area (plans are in the works for a Deerfield Township location), do not confuse Mongo’s on Tylersville Road with BD’s. Their concepts may be similar, but BD’s ensures that all their items are bang-up-to-the-minute fresh, whereas I found Mongo’s vegetables to be of the frozen and/or canned variety. I’m sorry but rubbery celery and mushy green peppers are just plain nasty. There are pretenders to the throne, but BD’s is king of Mongolian style grilling. Accept no substitute!
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Dan said...

I love BD's. There is a location in the Arena District in Columbus. I'd like to see one in Downtown Cincinnati.

Veggie Option said...

Me too. I have been pestering BDs for nearly two years to open a downtown location, but all we get is a dangling carrot in Deerfield Township. Boo.