Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bagel Stop

Bagel Stop
Various downtown locations

I’ve had enough.

I don’t visit Bagel Stop franchises very often, but after my most recent visit they are officially off of my list. I’m not going to single out a particular location because I’ve had similar bad experiences at more than one of them and I’ve surmised that either their employees are not trained properly or they just don’t care. Who knows, maybe it’s a combination of both. All I know is that they are incredibly careless when they prepare sandwiches and I’m tired of wasting my lunch hour returning food that I can’t eat.

The restaurant lists several vegetarian options on the menu, but chances are strong that whatever is ordered will contain residue from previously prepared sandwiches, and it is totally unacceptable to find tiny bits of turkey, ham or tuna salad mixed into a vegetarian wrap.
C’mon Bagel Stop, how hard can it be to wipe down knives and food prep surfaces between orders? It doesn’t seem to be a problem at other local delis but at Bagel Stop the slacker attitude is apparent.

Also unacceptable: discovering that the employee who prepared the sandwich failed to remove the paper separators from the slices of cheese - that first bite was a real doozy - and pulling an entire square of waxy paper from the middle of the sandwich is just plain gross. Needless to say, the sandwich was returned, which leads me to part three: the manager was incredibly blasé and acted as though it was a regular occurrence. He even said to one of the other employees, "Hey, the paper’s sticking to the cheese again." If it is a known issue there are several things that they could do, the easiest of which is to be more vigilant! I realize it is probably out of the manager's realm of control to change suppliers, but double checking the slices before putting them in a sandwich can’t be that difficult, can it?

What IS difficult is trying to find a way to contact the franchisee regarding these issues; there doesn’t seem to be a web site, the restaurant didn't have business cards and the menu doesn’t list a customer service number or an address or phone number for their headquarters. Could it be that they don’t want to hear what their customers might have to say?

I’m done worrying about it. I won’t be going back. They may tout themselves as being vegetarian friendly, but they most certainly are NOT.
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valereee said...

It's amazing how little the employees of a franchised operation seem to care. Yet another reason to Eat Independent!

liz said...

hi, i was just stopping by to tell you that i love your blog! although i am a big fan of meat, i love your reviews and i think your opinions are totally on. yay for cincinnati food blogs!

Veggie Option said...

Thank you!

liberal foodie said...

That's really sad to hear that bagel stop doesn't even care about their customer's concerns. Won't be going there.

Nicci King said...

I have a funny Bagel Stop story: I like the Meditteranean wrap. At one point last year, I would order it a couple of times a week. So, one day I went in and placed my order: Meditteranean with everything except sprouts (because, in my experience, their sprouts are not the freshest) with extra hummus. Well, they gave my order slip to one of the sandwich makers and she said, in an incredibly loud voice, "UGH! I HATE making this sandwich! Hummus STINKS!"

It was both absurd and hilarious all rolled up in the wrap of your choice. I laughed about it weeks... But that is obviously awful service. :-)