Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vacation! Pizza Express

450 Strand

We were in London gearing up for a comedy show later that evening in Covent Garden and our friends suggested that we meet up at PizzaExpress, which is situated just across from Charing Cross tube station. With over 300 locations across the U.K., the chain is like a more smartly dressed Pizza Hut.

My girlfriend Dawn admitted that she has a goal of eating at each and every PizzaExpress restaurant in the country, but honestly I didn't find their pies to be that different from what we get at, say, Donatos, although the ambience was a few notches above your basic American pizza joint. And my gosh was it busy - but then I guess every single restaurant in London would be hopping at 6 p.m. on a Friday night.

After sampling my pizza - which was fine but nothing special - I didn't think I'd even bother to write up a review, but the photos turned out really well, so I decided to let them do the talking.

The Mixed Salad

Margherita Pizza, nice and simple

Banoffee Pie & vanilla bean ice cream - this photo is for my friend Jennifer, who couldn't get enough of it when she was in England last month

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Jennifer said...

Banoffee pie?! DROOL. I am so going to make one of these someday.....

Veggie Option said...

I hope that when you do I'm invited over to help you devour it!

k said...

your photos are beautiful- a very mysterious quality. i have eaten at pizza express (perhaps by the millenium bridge?) and agree with your assessment. although we did eat there twice when we were in london because we were craving pizza.

jeff said...


I was also stunned by the photograpy here, enough so that I wanted to stop and say hello. The Pizza margherita photo made me drool.

Also, I enjoyed my four years in Newport, BTW, there are a lot of out of the way (i.e., non-levee) eating establishments I had fun discovering. Welcome. :)