Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vacation! Scoop & Crumb

Scoop & Crumb
5-6 East Street
The Lanes
Brighton, Sussex

Owners Jonathan and Helena Dickson introduced this stylish Scandinavian sandwich shop and ice cream parlour to the Brighton Lanes last year and it is well worth a visit.

We were initially attracted to the bright and cheery building, and when we discovered that they specialized in smørbrød...well, we simply HAD to give it a shot to see if it could stack up against those we enjoyed in Copenhagen several years ago.

The ice cream and smørbrød counter

Steve's first choice of pork loin smørbrød was already sold out, so he opted for Swedish meatballs - which he said tasted exactly like the ones from Ikea. In fact, we suspect that - along with the dishes, glasses and cutlery - they came from Ikea. Ouch.

There were several vegetarian options on the chalkboard, but as soon as I saw the Emmenthaler Smørbrød I knew my decision had been made. Consisting of a thick slice of freshly baked whole wheat bread topped with curly endive, rocket, red onion and tomato, and capped off with generous slices of emmenthal cheese, the emmenthal sandwich is one that I prepare quite often at home - albeit with Ryvita instead of bread. My Danish mother-in-law originally taught me the joy of the ryvita-emmenthaler smørbrød, and this one from Scoop & Crumb would have done her proud. It was perfect.

The Emmenthaler Smørbrød

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