Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mokka - Strike Three, Yer Out

500 Monmouth St.
Newport, KY

On a breakfast visit the restaurant was touting their new Jean-Francois Belgian Waffles on a sign at the front door. Intrigued, I decided to order them. When they arrived I saw that they were bog-standard, ordinary waffles drowning in Cool-Whip. When I mentioned this to our server, she said, "Oh you have to ask for the Jean-Francois waffles specifically. The one's listed on our menu are regular waffles." Thanks for letting me know that in advance. Strike One.

Went back a few weeks later for lunch with a co-worker. We were seated quickly, food arrived in a timely fashion, and it was good. Although the restaurant wasn't very busy, it took us 20 minutes to get the attention of our server so that we could get our bill, and then it took another 10 minutes for her to collect. When you have only an hour for lunch, slow service is a deal-breaker. Strike Two.

My husband and I decided to give them another chance for breakfast, bringing with us an out-of-town guest. Upon entering the restaurant we noticed a large sign saying "Please seat yourself at a table that has been set." We looked around. There were plenty of open tables in the back, several empty booths, and a number of spaces available at the bar, but none of them could be considered "set" because they were piled high with dirty dishes or waiting to be wiped down and set with cutlery and coffee mugs. We stood there for ten minutes trying to find someone who could tell us if it was ok to go ahead and sit at one of the tables that still needed bussing. Finally someone approached us and asked if we had been helped. We said no and she turned to another girl and told her to help us. We asked if it was ok for us to go ahead and sit at one of the tables that still needed cleaning, and she said she'd be right back with someone to clear and clean the tables. After waiting another ten minutes - no one ever returned to bus and clean the tables - we walked out and went elsewhere. Strike Three.

Even though Mokka is within easy walking distance of our house, and even though I'd rather give my custom to an independently-owned restaurant, we won't be back. They just don't seem to know what they are doing.


Jeff said...

My wife and i just visited this morning for breakfast. With regards to sitting and service, we had the same experience! It took almost 10 minutes for someone to sit us. The place was not that busy either. Not sure if we will make the effort to go back as we live downtown.

Veggie Option said...

It's too bad that their service lets them down so badly.