Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tom's Pies

Tom's Pies
915 Vine St.

UPDATE 2010: This restaurant has closed.

I spend a lot of time doing research at the downtown library on the weekend and each time I enter and exit via Vine Street I pass by Tom's Pies, a tiny little joint specializing in home-made pot pies. I’d picked up a menu during one of my library visits and noted a vegetable pot pie on the list, but I never seemed to be able to catch the restaurant open for business. I soon discovered that this is because the restaurant is only open weekdays from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., although there is an evening carry-out service if you call ahead. So when I happened by one weekday afternoon while dropping off some library books and saw the OPEN sign, the lure was too strong to resist.


Owner Tom Wolfe made his mark in the pot pie business around fifteen years ago when he began delivering his scratch-made pastries to the Reds clubhouse, where he quickly became a team favorite (see his testimonial page for details). His pies were so popular that his fame grew to the point where eventually he opened up shop downtown.

The pie case - almost empty

He keeps it simple, using only the freshest ingredients: there’s a chicken pot pie, a veggie pot pie and his signature staple, the chicken alfredo broccoli pie. Make it a meal with a side of coleslaw and cornbread.

Blissfully filling and affordably priced, the veggie pot pie’s flaky crust is generously stuffed with chunked vegetables simmering in thick, creamy stock. It is coma-inducing comfort food.

A piping hot veggie pot pie

Soon everyone will have a chance to enjoy his pies in the comfort of their own home, as he's just inked a deal with bigg’s supermarkets, where his scrumptious savories will be on offer as heat & eats from the deli. Although Tom modestly protests that he isn't much of a businessman, the integrity and care that goes into each crusty creation is unmistakable, and it's wonderful to see a nice guy with a great product persevere.

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Heather said...

I love it! So delicious - the apple is a great treat!

Julie said...

Good to hear about the bigg's deal, as I walked past the store last night, and it's "closed for reorganization". Sigh.

Veggie Option said...

Yeah, Tom told me that he might have to temporarily close the downtown location while he concentrated on the bigg's deal because he was going to need to hire and train staff and whatnot.

I didn't know he'd already closed though- that was quick.