Tuesday, July 28, 2009

City View Tavern

City View Tavern
403 Oregon Street
Mount Adams

The mercurial, interactive web site is a fitting introduction to this fun establishment, where half the tiny structure is taken up with a pool table, and the other half offers jawdropping views of the city.

City View Tavern: does what it says on the tin

The tavern rocks inexpensive bar food and pints. The menu is small and consists mostly of burgers, but the vegetarian patron isn't neglected. There are two meat-free sandwiches: the "Big Ted No Ted" ($3.50) is a cheesy kaiser roll with all the fixin's minus a beef patty, and the "Big Cheese" ($3) is a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich slathered in brown mustard. Everything here is so affordable that we splurged on pitchers of Moerlein OTR and the Big Cheese and still had plenty of change left for the jukebox.

The Big Cheese sammich and a pitcher of Christian Moerlein

The humble sandwiches are appetizing and hit the spot, and well-priced pitchers keep everyone happy, but both are secondary to the panoramic skyline views. The teetering outside deck is the place to be at The City View, where you are eye-level with the tree-tops.

The twin towers of Procter & Gamble look like grimacing sentries

Looking south toward Newport from the tavern's patio

Afraid of heights? Me too, but I was ok out on the terrace as long as I didn't look straight down. For those not wanting to chance it outside, or if the weather isn't agreeable, the Tavern's wall of windows gives you the vista without the virescence.

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Dionisio said...

Slathered in brown mustard you say? Sounds great but I'm no beer drinker so it'd be a trip for the sandwich alone. Sounds tempting though!

Veggie Option said...

It's a pretty good sandwich for bar food.

Anonymous said...

Great review of one of my favorite places, though I've not been there in a while. The bloody marys used to be a favorite, outfitted with a string bean grown in an Oregon street garden a few doors down. LOVE THE CITY VIEW