Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recipe: Bruschetta

I know I'm rushing the season a little bit because none of my tomatoes have ripened yet, but the weather insisted that I make a big ole plate of bruschetta and crack open a bottle of prosecco.

The ingredient list: 1 French baguette, olive oil, 1 large tomato or a couple Romas, garlic, fresh basil, mozzarella (Bel Gioioso is vegetarian), salt and pepper

Finely dice the tomato

If using something other than Roma tomatoes, leave them to drain for half an hour

chop fresh basil

This sprig got chomped by insects

Combine tomatoes and basil with a couple glugs of olive oil, then hit with a shake of salt and a crack of black peppercorn

Slice the baguette into half-inch pieces and broil until they begin to brown. Rub browned side with garlic and turn over

Top with slices of fresh mozzarella

Pop bread back into the oven for a few minutes - just long enough for the cheese to get good and melty

Spoon tomato mixture over melted cheese and enjoy!

What's your favorite bruschetta recipe?


b said...

looks wonderful. i know what i'll be making this weekend. thanks for the idea.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Nice idea for a 4th of July snack!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get prosecco locally?

Veggie Option said...

I usually pick up bottles of prosecco at The Party Source in Bellevue for under $15, although the last bottle I bought was from Trader Joe's of all places - and it was pretty good and a steal at $8.

jeff said...

Looks wonderful! I think Ive found something to do with my window full of basil once pizza margherita (sp?) gets boring.

Cardamom said...

Can I add red chopped onions to this?
I'll try it without making it a salsa.... ;)

Your version looks good though!

Veggie Option said...

I'd think that red onion would be a nice addition - if you try it let me know how it went!

Anonymous said...

I like to add red and white onions (just a little of each) along with white beans and balsamic vinegar. I made some today, yummmm...