Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hoggy's BBQ
2807 Town Center Blvd.
Crestview Hills, KY

Ordinarily a restaurant with a name like "Hoggy's" would send me screaming in the opposite direction. Number one, it sounds fattening, and secondly you just know it's going to be pork overload. But I love my husband and think it is only fair to occasionally go to restaurants that he might enjoy, even if I suspect there isn't going to be much for me. I figure if he can "suffer" some of the "fru-fru" (his words) places that I drag him to, I can do the same at a restaurant that specializes in southern-style barbeque.


More to love...

As expected, there isn't a whole lot for the vegetarian diner at Hoggy's, but our friendly server steered me into the direction of “any three sides for $6.99” since they do not offer anything for vegetarians on the entrĂ©e menu. I can deal with that; it’s a small but adequate olive branch for the non-meat eater and at least it isn’t going to break the bank.

The Western decor includes these handpainted murals

They have plenty of sides to choose from too. Of the 15 side items on their current menu, only the baked beans, chili and green beans are no-no’s. The “safe” items include a couple of salads (tomato-cucumber or side salad), slaw, mac-n-cheese, grilled asparagus, potatoes (mashed, fried, baked), corn on the cob, and sweet potatoes.

If you visit during lunch, they offer two specials that vegetarian diners can enjoy: two sides and a salad, served with fresh-baked cornbread for $7.99, and a jumbo baked potato & house salad meal for $6.99. I didn't feel hungry enough to order either of those, so went for with 3 item deal and got mac-n-cheese, fries (moreso for Steve than myself) and coleslaw. It’s carb overload for sure, but everything was absolutely delicious.


Steve got the prime rib luncheon special

All in all, I am okay with Hoggy’s. I’m by no means their target demographic, but I didn’t feel left out like I have at other local ribs restaurants, and for that reason alone I am giving this small, Columbus-based chain a thumbs-up.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, they do have pretty good mac & cheese there. Glad you enjoyed it and made Steve happy!

Apple said...

being the only vegetarian in my family (and one of the few among my friends), i often get drug along top steak houses and BBQ joints. I've found that a number of them seem to have the three sides type of deal with an assortment of vegetables, potatoes, or mac and cheese. you find ways to manage. i'm alwaya little weary of conrbread at a lot of places. I know a lot of recipes call for lard, as well as many boxed brands including it in the ingredients.