Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sukhothai Thai Restaurant
Marketplace of Montgomery
8102 Market Place Lane

I have a friend who used to write a humorously scathing column about the area's restrooms, which appeared each week in the sadly defunct Everybody's News. Each time I happen across a truly wonderful or hideously awful facility, I think of her. She used to say "if the crapper's this bad, just think of what their kitchen must look like!"

Sukhothai Thai Restaurant

I shudder to think what Tina would have to say about Sukhothai Thai Restaurant. It looks as though it has seen better days: threadbare carpeting, collapsed ceiling tiles, dodgy lighting that flickered ominously, and worst of all, the most appallingly filthy bathrooms we've encountered in ages. The loo at Sukhothai was so abysmal that we really should have just walked out rather than eat there. Seriously.

Tempura veggies with spicy sweet dipping sauce

The food tasted ok, but portions were small for the price, and we couldn't shake the feeling that our food had been prepared in a kitchen that was probably as unclean as the bathrooms. It was enough to make us lose our appetites. Perhaps it was for the best that their portions were small afterall.

Thai spicy vegetable stirfry with tofu runs $10.95

All soups at Sukhothai are made with chicken stock and are to be avoided, but they do have dedicated vegetarian options on the menu and can make most of their items vegetarian - just ask them to eliminate the fish stock.

Steve's deluxe garlic stir fry with chicken was $12

The staff were friendly, but it felt as though there was an air of desperation about the restaurant. I know they must be struggling as much as the next place, but only those that make a concerted effort to provide a pleasant and cost-effective dining experience are going to survive this recession. I suspect Sukhothai will be a casualty.

Most restaurants offer mints or fortune cookies - Sukhothai gives out leftover Halloween candy

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Several years back, Polly Campbell wrote an article called "Three Way Thai." She praised Sukhothai. I have dined there over the years. I feel it has gone downhill. I ate there recently and was unimpressed by the food.
That being said, in April, 2009, I was there with some family, including two elderly women in their 90s. The waitress was absolutely amazing in how she cared for these women. I have never seen anything like it.
PS: I think about the whole restroom issue, too. I won't mention the name, but I noticed one restaurant go down as its bathroom got worse. It's now gone.