Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paxton's Grill

Paxton's Grill
126 W. Loveland Avenue
Tel: 513-583-1717

Named for Revolutionary War Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Paxton, who was one of the first settlers to the area, Paxton's Grill is a pleasant hometown restaurant with a number of meat-free options for the vegetarian diner.

Paxton's Grill

Housed in an historic brick building close to the Loveland Bike Trail, the restaurant looks like a typical sports bar, with its many flat-screen TVs and sporting gear decorating the walls. The restaurant's menu selections, however, make it a much better contender than the deep-fried nonsense one normally finds at American sports bars, and the friendly, attentive service wins the gold.

A quiet afternoon in Paxton's

Paxton's caters well to vegetarians by offering two meat-free wraps, a couple of veggie sandwiches, and a pasta entrée called Veggie Jambalaya ($11.95) to tempt the tastebuds. I nearly ordered the Paxton's Big Veggie wrap ($8), which comes slathered in hummus and stuffed with spring greens, sprouts, cucumbers, mushrooms and salsa, but was intrigued enough by the idea of jambalaya to give it a try.

Veggie Jambalaya

Instead of a spicy rice dish, this jambalaya consisted of vegetables and a mild, creamy tomato sauce over linguine. It was tasty, but jambalaya? Not so much. Still, I'll give them good marks for the effort.

Steve's choice of Chicken Philly Panini was more on target description-wise, but he found it somewhat devoid of flavor. The shoestring fries weren't much better and he wished he would have simply gotten potato chips instead.

Panini sandwich with fries

Paxton's Grill has a frequent diner card which, once you've spent $100, gives you $10 off your bill. It's a good deal if you live in or visit the Loveland area regularly. There's also a full-service bar, outdoor dining and free wi-fi. Even though our meals were not exactly what we were expecting, we found this pleasant little independent restaurant worthy of a repeat visit.

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