Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Habits Café

Habits Café
3036 Madison Road

I have a confession to make: I'm an absent-minded blogger. In all the time that I have been writing this blog, and as many fantastic meals as I've had at Habits over the years, I have never once thought of putting the two together. High time that was rectified, don't you think?

Habits Café

There are plenty of vegetarian offerings, including scratch-made vegetarian vegetable soup from Mama Jo's own recipe, and garden burgers ($6.50) which for a small upcharge can be made in a variety of styles. Fans of all things spicy might opt to try the White Hot Sun, consisting of pepper jack and Parmesan cheese, jalapenos, crushed red pepper, onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo; or let the Godzilla (pepper jack, spicy onion straws, jalapeno mayo) stomp on your tongue.

The standard side salad

The restaurant also offers several varieties of burrito, and it is a toss-up between the black bean and the cilantro corn burrito vying for best meal on the menu. Both are fantastic but if, like me, you just can't decide, go for the black bean burrito and have them add some corn salsa to it. It's hard to beat. Habits also offers a tofu burrito option, which intrigued me until the server warned me away from it, saying that if I like spicy things it would probably be too bland. Point taken.

Black bean burrito with corn salsa

Speaking of tofu, the dinner menu lists a ginger soy tofu entrée which consists of crispy browned tofu sautéed in a sweet ginger sauce over veggies and pasta. It sounds delicious and while I have yet to give it a try, hopefully that will soon be rectified.

Steve's favorite: the fish 'n chips platter

The beer selection is also impressive. They offer a staggering amount of American and premium craft beers, as well as most of the better foreign and domestics. I'll spread the love a little thicker and say that the musical selections at the restaurant are top shelf. One doesn't hear Frightened Rabbit, Ben Lee and Elliott Smith at just any ole place.

The pub-style dining room

I guess the only downside to Habits - and I don't really see it as such - is the parking situation. It's on-street at metered spaces and while I personally have never had a problem parallel parking or finding a spot, it might not seem like it's worth the hassle when coupled with the current summer roadworks on and around Madison Avenue. Don't let the orange barrels scare you away though, because Habits is well worth repeat visits.

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Anonymous said...

uh-oh! that veggie burger with parmesan isnt vegetarian! dont forget that parmesan is almost always made with rennet!

Veggie Option said...

There are plenty of vegetarian types of Parmesan, but if the restaurant cannnot tell you whether or not theirs has rennet, just request the sandwich without it.

For a list of vegetarian cheeses, visit

Kareem said...

I too forget about this place. I have not been there in years. Maybe I should make a special stop the next time that I am over that way.

Veggie Option said...

@Kareem: I hope you get the chance to stop by again. Their burritos are so good!