Friday, November 12, 2010

Apsara closing this weekend

Looks like Apsara's final night will be Saturday, Nov. 13. This is from server Curtis:

"Saturday night (Nov. 13) and that's all. Hurry and try Chef John Lees' sushi one more time, because he probably will leave the Cincinnati area. Apsara might be going out of business, but he's the best sushi chef in town. He might even sell you the big wooden boat!

We might be going out of business, but we might have the best server in Cincinnati, Jeremy. But, Saturday night he'll be behind the bar making drinks, conversation and watching college football. Ask him to make the Sunday night special, while you're asking him what's the matter with those Mountainers?

Chef Charlie won the NFL betting poll last week. But do you think he'd happily remake one of his great specials that came out too spicy for a customer? No way! And hey, if you know a nice restaurant where the employees are nice and the customers plenty, let me know. I need a server job.

And last of all, I want to say we have some great customers that enter in our restaurant who we have a lot of fun with. And I will miss them all."

My review of the restaurant can be found here.

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