Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegan Potluck February 20

EarthSave Cincinnati and VeganEarth are hosting an information session and vegan potluck Sunday, February 20, 2011 at Clifton United Methodist Church, 3416 Clifton Ave., Clifton. Khristina Martin and Kevin O'Connor of Mercy for Animals are this month's guest speakers. Their topic is "Loving Animals Locally, Making a Difference Globally."

The potluck begins at 2:30 p.m. with the program following an hour later. Attendees are asked to bring a vegan dish to share, and to bring either reusable or compost-able plates, cups, serving utensils and personal cutlery. For more information call 513-929-2500, email or visit or


Tia Castaneda said...

What are some of your favorite things to bring to a potluck? It's nice that there are events like these. I know that there are occasionally family/friend events that I will go to and I'd like to create something delicious that is either vegetarian or vegan-friendly. Do you have a specific go-to recipe for potlucks? I have recently found this site:

It has some yummy recipes on it, but some of them are pretty intense (as far as the amount of work and items needed to create it).

I'd appreciate any help you can offer as to some recipes or quick fixes that would satisfy a good 20-30 people!

Thank you so much!

Veggie Option said...

Hi Tia - my favorite dish to take to a potluck is vegan curry (recipe here which is easy to double or triple.

I've had a subscription to Taste of Home for 10 years (thanks Mom!) and I think the magazine is getting much better at including vegetarian and vegan recipes.