Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sky Galley

Sky Galley
Lunken Airfield
262 Wilmer Ave.
East End
tel: 513-871-7400

Steve and I are once again training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon and have been scouting out a few new routes to add a little variety and give us a change of scenery. On the advice of a friend, we headed out to historic Lunken Airfield to check out their fitness trails. While there, we happened across Sky Galley, a restaurant and lounge located inside the airport terminal.

Sky Galley

We really weren't expecting much out of an airport diner, but were pleasantly surprised. On the Sunday afternoon we stopped in, the place was buzzing with a good mix of local old timers, pilots, well-groomed elderly ladies, families with small kids, and fitness fans finishing their workouts. We nabbed a table next to the large bank of windows overlooking the runways and settled in to perusing the menu.

Entrance to Sky Galley

There aren't many vegetarian options. I was bemused that they don't even offer a veggie burger, since that is usually the one thing vegetarians can rely on when dining out. The vegetarian entrees offered are a cheese & veggie quesadilla ($8.95), and linguine in garlic wine sauce with a side salad ($12.95). I opted for the latter, while Steve chose a grilled chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and a side of fries. He was frightened off of his first choice, the Jack Daniels grilled chicken with bourbon hot sauce ($7.95), because the server warned him that the sauce had a "real kick" to it. Fair enough.

Linguine in garlic wine sauce

I thought the garlic wine sauce on my linguine was really nice, if a bit salty. I was glad that the dish came with shredded Parmesan on the side instead of topping the pasta, because it wasn't needed. The pasta came with sauteed onions, red peppers and mushrooms, and several over-boiled chunks of broccoli. Not bad, but not great. Steve was noncommittal on his sandwich but had better things to say about the hand-cut fries.

Grilled chicken with Swiss and mushrooms

While Sky Galley doesn't serve up anything out of the ordinary, there are extraordinary things afoot at Lunken. Flamingo Air offers an hour of sexy time in the air with champagne, chocolates and one very discreet pilot for $425. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) also calls Lunken home. Flamingo Air's president, David McDonald, is the organization's national director. And if all this crazy sexy stuff is a little too much for a city renowned for its stodgy sensibilities, the terminal itself - a paean to Art Deco - is oh so cool and well worth checking out.

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Heather said...

I love Sky Galley - the food is pretty good and it's just a great calming view.

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